Laser gums bleaching

Laser gums bleaching

Laser gum bleaching is a cosmetic procedure to easily remove the brown or black patches that often occur naturally on gum tissue. The treatment is quick, pain-free, and will leave you with healthy, pink gums.

The condition called gingival hyper-pigmentation or "dark gums" is caused by melanin in the surface of the gum tissue. It can affect people of all races and ethnicities, though it's more common in people with darker skin. The dark patches are usually natural, though smoking, systemic illnesses, and taking certain medications can also contribute to the condition.

Hyper-pigmentation presents no health risks, but some people simply prefer to have a smile with even, pink gums, which gum bleaching can provide.

Benefits of Gum Bleaching

Significantly lighter, uniform color in one visit
No scalpels or stitches
Patients report little or no pain during or after the procedure
Short healing time
The Periolase laser is proven safe for soft tissue
For most patients, the procedure only needs to be performed once
Many patients return to work the same day